Selling Your Home


Negotiating the Sale of Your Home

What to Expect During Negotiations

Webster's defines "negotiating" as "to confer with another, to arrive at a settlement." It's also "to get through, around or over successfully."

A real estate transaction involves both types of negotiation. Your RE/MAX Allegiance listing agent will confer with the agent representing your home's buyer, negotiating (at your direction) a settlement of price, terms and conditions that are acceptable to both you and the buyer. And while doing so, your listing agent will work vigorously to "get through, around or over" certain points.

Successfully Negotiating Your Home's Sale

It's among the most important reasons to choose a skilled real estate professional. Your best interests - and the satisfying closure of knowing that your home was sold at its highest and best value - are at stake. You want a listing agent who combines capable representation, objective counsel and caring guidance.

Be candid with your RE/MAX Allegiance listing agent about your expectations and requirements. Ask questions such as: How will a "multiple offer" on your home be handled? Will the buyer's agent always present his or her offer, or will your own agent be the only professional present? On which points should we stand firm - and on which can we compromise?

Answers to these and other questions will give you a good idea of how a REALTOR® "negotiates" a home sale.

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